Owens Cabinet Shop is a family-owned and operated business. Three generations of family members have been carpenters.  The last of the line is now the proprietor but is a Master Carpenter following in the path of the Patriarch who began the line of work in the 1940's.  This "finish carpentry" business that my father established built a reputation for quality products and worked in the downtown area for companies like Hunzicker Brother's Electric, the Speith Law firm, The Pasteur Building, and Oklahoma Allergy Clinic. After working in these "Old Bricktown" areas, our shop worked west of Santa Fe for The First National Bank Building and in other locations. My father had three sons besides myself who over the years participated also . . each one learning the craft. To the fourth son, now, is left the wealth of training from them and this training, along with three decades of experience, will  aid you in bringing your ideas to full expression.

My scope of expertise includes individual consultation and design of original furniture items and casework cabinetry.  It also extends to matching and re-furbishing older furniture.  Working with my father from a young age, I value communication with clients.  If you are tired and frustrated trying to deal with those of limited imagination and ability in this trade, please contact me so that I may bring your unique desires to completion.  We can bring into reality what you are imagining.   I am here.  

                     Dennis Owens



Owens Cabinet


 designer of interior solutions